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TVB: TV The Top Influencer Across The Purchase Funnel

Television is the most important influencer at all stages of the purchase funnel, and holds true across all key age groups and ethnicities. That's a key conclusion from the TVB's just-released 2024 Purchase Funnel Study, conducted by GfK for the association.

Strong Q4 Report Can’t Prevent FUBO Stock Slip

Fubo has released Q4 2023 results that beat analysts' estimates and show healthy subscriber growth. Yet, it appears the specter of the FOX/Disney/WBD platform-to-be is still making investors skittish. At Friday's Closing Bell, FUBO was down to $1.90 per share — a big change from fall 2021.

Jesse Jackson Asks Rosenworcel For WADL Sale Update

The proposed $75 million sale of WADL-38 in Detroit has yet to win Commission approval, nearly 10 months after an asset sale agreement was signed. That's led the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition to press FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel for answers.
Perry Sook

Nexstar Sues FCC For Tightening TV Ownership Rules

The FCC’s prohibition on owning more than one top-four full-power network station in a DMA not only continues but now extends to digital multicast channels and LPTV stations, thanks to the 2018 Quadrennial Order approved at the end of 2023. Nexstar has responded with a lawsuit.
TEGNA President/CEO Dave Lougee

Dave Lougee: ‘TEGNA Is Back On Offense’

With its failed merger acquisition by Standard General well in the past, capital return commitment and sustained shareholder returns are among the many investor benefits TEGNA CEO Dave Lougee is touting. The news came as Q4 2023 revenue and EPS missed analysts' forecasts and Q1 is pacing down.
Rick Kaplan

NAB To FCC: Toss Aside ‘Blackout’ Reporting NPRM

The Chief Legal Officer at the NAB has made it clear that the FCC should reject a proposal that would require MVPDs to notify the Commission when a broadcast signal is "blacked out" for 24 hours or more due to a retransmission consent impasse.

‘CD 92.9’ Home Up For Sale In Ohio Capital

A Columbus, Ohio, TV station has confirmed the building housing the "CD" radio studios and offices — and the Big Room Bar — is on the market. The news comes after the late January revelation that over-the-air broadcasts of the longtime Alternative station at 92.9 MHZ have ended.
The iHeartRadio studio in Jason Aldean's Kitchen + Bar in Nashville [Photo: TC Restaurant Group]

Aldean Eatery Will Get An iHeartRadio Studio

What's noteworthy about the forthcoming Pittsburgh eatery tied to Country artist Jason Aldean isn't so much what's cooking in the kitchen. Instead, patrons may be intrigued to see what's sizzling in the branded studio coming to the restaurant, thanks to iHeartMedia.

Ed Stolz Bankruptcy Case Could Shift To Chapter 7 Status

In a move designed to rapidly clear away his debts, embattled former radio station owner Ed Stolz has shifted his Nevada federal bankruptcy from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 — a liquidation move that comes following his recent sale of property in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

A Q4 Revenue Street Beat For iHeartMedia

A dip in revenue, along with a significant decline in year-over-year net income, led the company to register a $1.1 billion net loss for the full year of 2023, widening a full-year net loss seen in 2022. Yet, it was a better-than-expected Q4 for iHeartMedia, and that's the key takeaway when looking closely at its performance.

DTS AutoStage, HD Radio Parent Makes Progress In Q4

"Our outlook for fiscal year 2024 indicates the progress we are making toward increased profitability, improved cash flow, and achieving our three-year targets for Xperi’s independent media platforms," company CEO Jon Kirchner said.
Chris Hayes

The InFOCUS Podcast: Chris Hayes

In this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM, we chat with Zimmer Marketing of Joplin, Mo., OM Chris Hayes, who shares how its delivering results to its clients in this corner of Southwestern Missouri through the combined power of broadcast and digital media.
Mark Walters

Georgia Talk Host Fights For OpenAI Case Remand

The attorney representing a talk show and podcast host has asked a federal appeals court to remand a case against OpenAI LLC to a Georgia Superior Court — a move that would give legal fees to the air personality who says he's the victim of a ChatGPT "hallucination."

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Shentel Sells Tower Portfolio For Millions

A company best known for providing broadband services including cable TV to customers across the Mid-Atlantic region has agreed to sell its tower portfolio and operations. Who's the buyer? It's based in Boca Raton, Fla, and is led by President/CEO Ron Bizick. 

Brian Wieser

Total Consumer Spending On All Video Slows Down

Media industry financial analyst Brian Wieser's look into the quarterly results of major video content distributors focused on the total spending by consumers on all video. His conclusion? There's been a "significant slowdown" in the growth rates, with 2023 looking like the 2010s.

Gray Ensures Cavaliers Get OTA Coverage Beyond Cleveland

On February 13, Gray Television confirmed that its affiliate for The CW Network in Cleveland, WUAB-43, is teaming up with the Cleveland Cavaliers for five home games. Now, four DMAs within the team's geographical zone are getting games, too.

Gray Helps Mavericks Fill DMA Holes For OTA Coverage

On February 23, WFAA-8 became the originating station for select over-the-air Dallas Mavericks telecasts. At the time, it was known that the NBA team's games would air in five other Texas markets. Now, two other DMAs within the team's footprint are being added to the mix.

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Rosemary Ravinal

Tap the Power of Words for Good

There are approximately 170,000 English-language words in current use. We may use just 20,000 in a lifetime. By widening your vocabulary, public speaking expert Rosemary Ravinal shares in this column, new words can express how you feel and deepen your interpersonal relationships.

Black Gen Z TV Consumption: A Strong Story

Freshly released highlights of a 2023 Horowitz Research survey of African American consumers that are between the ages of 12 and 27 reaffirm decade-long trends that demonstrate how this segment of American viewers overindex on watching TV content.

Ad Trends That Need Your Rapt Attention

For ad insights firm MediaRadar, optimism abounds for 2024 ... so long as "nimble media companies" are actively working to capture the marketer budgets that have been cemented for this year. Yes, ad budgets tightened recently, but accelerated ad spend is coming.

Portland, Ore. LPFM Gets FCC Fine Cancellation

The Media Bureau has cancelled a proposed fine handed to the licensee of a low-powered FM station serving the Oregon metropolis that is "dedicated to playing under-heard Rock music from around the globe."

TNDV’s Mobile Units Prove To Be A People’s Choice

The live People's Choice Country Awards telecast went off without a hitch last autumn, with a telecast appearing on both NBC and Peacock. Little did viewers realize that the live show relied on three mobile units, a task that proved to be a first for a local live production specialist.

A Global Broadcasting Advancement For Sports Play-By-Play

Thanks to a Quicklink product, the Professional Squash Association delivered enhanced coverage of its global tournaments while keeping production quality top-notch, providing a strong demonstration of the tool for other sports leagues and TV broadcasters.

A New E-commerce Site for Georgia Copper Products

The Georgia Copper product line is very much continuing, as TSG has launched a new e-commerce website specific to the brand long-known for the manufacturing and sale of U.S.-made copper grounding and bonding products.