WARC ‘Upgrades’ Retail Media Ad Forecast As Amazon Dominates

WARC's latest analysts shows that retail media ad spend is projected to reach $153.3 billion worldwide in 2024. What's fueling the continued growth? "Advances in off-site targeting as commerce data infuses into non-retail environments," WARC says. Yet, Amazon "continues to tighten its grip" on the dollars.

As Upfronts Begin, Short-Form Video Ups Ad Pitch

As NBCUniversal promoted its array of digital and linear content at its Upfront on Monday, sending the message that it can do what no other company can do for marketers, new research suggests "snackable" video content hubs are vitally important to CMOs looking for more brand recognition.

What Are The Six ‘Commercial Ruts’ To Avoid?

On September 14 at the Radio Masters Sales Summit in Cincinnati, longtime radio sales and marketing trainer Jeffrey Hedquist will offer tips on how to create commercials for your client that are more effective and easier to produce. Ahead of the two-day event, which features an array of speakers focused strictly on sales, sales marketing, and sales management, we revisit Hedquist's thoughts on how to make an audio commercial bring greater ROI for the advertiser.

Ad Tech Innovator MediaMath Submits Chapter 11 Filing

In the late 2000s, it was a digital advertising pioneer. Now, MediaMath is in the midst of its dissolution, following a Chapter 11 filing made Friday in a Delaware federal bankruptcy court.

A Connected TV/OTT Platform’s Study Indicates Strong Advertiser Growth

Two in three advertisers using Connected TV and OTT intend to increase their spending, with an average rise of 23%. That's a key finding from the just-released 2023 CTV/OTT Advertiser Survey courtesy of two businesses that rely on this growth to fuel their operations.

The Elusive Client You Can Never Close

You've just had a great meeting with a local direct client. The last words you heard from the client were, “That sounds great. I think we can do this." Then, there's silence. What happened? Here's what sales consultant Paul Weyland has to say on the matter.
Rosemary Ravinal

Command Attention by Standing in the Right Spot

One of the most powerful tools for optimal interaction with your audience is body language, says "Zoom expert" and veteran public relations professional Rosemary Ravinal. "Where you place your body either prioritizes YOU or makes your PowerPoint the star of the presentation," she says. Even if you think PowerPoints are a thing of the past, Ravinal's advice is worth heeding.

To Attract Top Talent, Consider A Purpose-Driven Culture

The role of a sales executive has evolved, says Alexander Group media-focused change agent Matt Bartels. Today's sales pros require knowledge of new technological skills, and younger pros tend to have them all. However, as Bartels writes in this fresh column, they may not be considering sales careers because they don't see it as a lucrative profession.

The Brands ‘Most Effective at Winning Hispanic Consumers’

A recent study of over 250 iconic brands identified the top 10 brands for Hispanic consumers. The analysis, conducted by cultural intelligence firm Collage Group, examined brand performance as part of the firm’s monthly CultureRate survey, which assesses cultural resonance for each major demographic segment.

A Lush Ad Opportunity for Radio and TV?

We've shopped in their stores, including the unique outpost in the Columbus Circle Station of the New York City Subway. We've seen their advertising ... or have we? In November 2021, Lush Cosmetics voluntarily ceased its activity across four major social media platforms.  Why? There's a reason, and it perhaps presents an opportunity for broadcast media.
Hyundai Veloster

Revving Up A ‘Sábado Futbolero’ Sponsorship

Hyundai has teamed with Univision as the new presenting sponsor of Sábado Futbolero — its "Saturday Soccer" program slate. The campaign, #BecauseFútbol, features three new Spanish-language TV spots.

The Seven Things Smart Sales Managers Do In A Coaching Session

Want to take your coaching game to the next level? This column from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger is worth six minutes of your time. Here, he provides a list of "proven" techniques that effective sales managers use to improve sales performance.

SMI Unveils A ‘Pricing Intelligence Suite’

Advertising intelligence company Standard Media Index (SMI) has brought to the marketplace a "Pricing Intelligence Suite," which includes Digital CPM for streaming video as well as Traditional and Advanced Audience eCPM (effective CPM) for Linear TV.
NBCUniversal logo

‘The Critical Role Brands Play in Culture’

NBCUniversal, MAGNA, and Identity have teamed together for a new research study released today that explores 'the full spectrum of diversity, and the role that brands play in acknowledging and amplifying cultural identification.'

Take Risks With Your Commercials

Every day you can see and hear commercials that were created by committee. These, says Jeffrey Hedquist, are commercials that sound like … well, commercials. "They make you want to change the station, or at best, ignore the message." His recomendation? Take a few risks.