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How Gen Z Attitudes Towards Gender and Sexuality Can Shape Your Station

A new study, “Passing the Gender Equality Vibe Check with Gen Z: From Truth to Trust,” reveals Gen Z’s openness to non-binary and fluid identities and the influence of media on perspectives.

Streaming Ads: ‘More Favorable’ Than Traditional Spots?

Attention, broadcast media and spot cable TV sellers: "Traditional TV ads alone miss an opportunity to surprise and delight across the entire streamers' journey outside the traditional ad break." That proclamation comes courtesy of MAGNA's "MAGNA Media Trials" and one of the streaming video industry's biggest brands.

Roku Enters The TV Marketplace With Two New Models

Roku announced the launch of the Roku Select and Plus Series TVs, the first-ever TVs to be both designed and made by the company known for its OTT delivery capabilities, its "FAST" channels, and its foray into feature films with a faux "Weird" Al Yankovic documentary.

The Young Adult Consumption Crisis: Coming To U.S. TV?

While broadcast TV companies in the U.S. are apt to share that viewership of free-to-air stations remains strong thanks to local content and live programming, the situation across the U.K. appears to be much bleaker for the BBC and the private broadcast companies operating TV stations in the British Isles.

Global Smart TV Sales Growth Returns

The global TV market is forecast to show signs of recovery in 2022 and beyond, thanks largely to improvements in the supply of large LCD panels — the primary obstacle manufacturers struggled with in 2021.
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TV Streaming Engagement: Deepening at the Expense of Cable

If you thought the COVID-19 pandemic would halt, or reverse, cord-cutting trends for MVPDs, think again. While 40% of Americans still pay for cable services, a shift in viewing habits and streaming services is leading more consumers to say no to cable TV.
The NextGenTV team sets up its booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES 2022

NEXTGEN TV Makes A Splash at CES 2022

Despite the negative press, lines of CES 2022 registered attendees were seen at McCarran International Airport awaiting their official credentials on Wednesday. At the same time, the NEXTGEN TV team was busily sharing three big stories involving the rollout of the ATSC 3.0-powered broadcast television technology — making Day 1 of the three-day affair a significant one for next-generation television.

NATPE Miami is Back. In-Person Protocols are In Place.

In late January 2020, the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) successfully staged its NATPE Miami conference. Even as concerns over the COVID-19 virus grew across Asia, there was little worry that a pandemic would sweep across North America. Now, two years later, NATPE Miami is back. And, it will very much be an in-person event.

Child’s Play: SVOD’s Integral Role In Growing Up Today

Despite a plethora of cable TV channels, kid-friendly digital multicast offerings including PBS Kids and educational and informational programming blocks across broadcast television stations, U.S. tweens are being raised on subscription video-on-demand programming. The trends from six European countries are no different, newly released Kagan data show.

Smart TV Home Ownership Passes 50% Threshold

New research from Parks Associates and Applicaster indicates that more than 50% of U.S. broadband households now own at least one smart TV -- making it the primary platform for video services at a time when content consumption is accelerating dramatically.

TV Consumption In A COVID-19 World: What Audiences Say

What can domestic broadcast TV stations learn from worldwide viewer trends since shelter-in-place rules were put in effect across Earth?  A detailed webinar conducted by Kantar's London-based leadership team sheds some light on ways U.S. over-the-air television could further fuel viewer growth and, in turn, get ad dollars revving up once again.

Expected COVID-19 Spending Patterns, According To Nielsen

A Nielsen investigation has identified six key consumer behavior threshold levels that tie directly to concerns around the coronavirus outbreak. The thresholds offer early signals of spending patterns, particularly for emergency pantry items and health supplies, and Nielsen is seeing these patterns being mirrored across multiple markets.

AI-Powered Shoppable TV: The Talk of CES

A top creator of scalable video commerce technology has launched a comprehensive shoppable video experience via new partnerships with smart TV pioneer LG Electronics and such media companies as WarnerMedia, A+E Networks, Crown Media Family Networks, and NBC Universal.

Time-Shifting TV Consumption: What’s A Marketer To Do?

A new Nielsen study examines how consumers lean into delayed viewing of TV content over broadcast and cable. It found that the proliferation of ways to view content has also helped influence them to be more patient viewers, tuning in past live, same day and even seven days.

Consumer Reports: Cord Cutting Continues, Fueled By High Cable Pricing

When Consumer Reports asked its members for feedback on their pay TV, home internet, and bundled plans, most companies got poor marks for value and many for customer service. But, a couple of bright spots emerged from the survey of more than 108,000 CR members.