Northville, Mich., a bucolic community due west of Detroit

Where Your Consumers Are: The Outskirts of Town

Curious as to why your station's ratings may be "wobbling"? New data released from the U.S. Census Bureau show that while large cities are regaining residents following the COVID-19 pandemic, there was strong growth in areas adjacent to urbanized areas.

Are American Consumers Tuning Out The News?

Local news has repeatedly been cited as a key magnetizer for broadcast TV. Stations are adding newscasts to their daily programming schedules, both locally produced and nationally distributed. Yet, a study from Pew Research Center finds that Americans "are following the news less closely than they were a few years ago."

As Upfronts Begin, Short-Form Video Ups Ad Pitch

As NBCUniversal promoted its array of digital and linear content at its Upfront on Monday, sending the message that it can do what no other company can do for marketers, new research suggests "snackable" video content hubs are vitally important to CMOs looking for more brand recognition.

Nielsen: Asian Americans Overindex On AVOD

While streaming is undoubtedly the leading platform to connect with Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander audiences, the use of devices widely varies. Viewership of TV-connected devices outpaces traditional live TV by more than an hour and a half a week. 
Patrick Quinn, PQ Media

Consumer Media Usage Flatlines In 2023

Digital and traditional media channel consumption across the world’s 20 largest markets and the rest of the countries in the four major global regions grew by just 0.3% in 2023 to an average of 56.2 hours per week, according to PQ Media. This marks a sharp deceleration for growth.
Rosemary Ravinal

Five steps to Boost Your Executive Presence Online

PR expert and public speaking coach Rosemary Ravinal once asked herself the following question: If the term “executive presence” is a measure of desirability on a dating site based on a static image, does that lessen the importance of those qualities in the business world? To satisfy her curiosity, Ravinal consulted a few friends at recruiting firms.

TechFreedom Head Questions FTC Authority On Non-Competes

“No one can seriously expect this Supreme Court to uphold the FTCʼs interpretation,” says Berin Szóka, President of the nonprofit, nonpartisan technology policy think tank. “The FTC may lose not only under modern textualist analysis and the major questions doctrine, but also because its reading of the statute assumes that Congress delegated vast lawmaking powers to the FTC without clear limiting principles."

Study: Workers Don’t Want to Be Fully Remote

In an age where people in broadcast media, depending on their roles, can work from anywhere there is an internet connection, Resume Builder has uncovered an intriguing desire among those in the overall workforce: they want a hybrid work environment, at the very least.

‘Real World’ Media Events Flourish In GenAI Times

GenAI and game engines are transforming content creation and production in the TV industry, Yet, activism is also growing in the media sector, with the industry facing pressure from activist shareholders and writers’ strikes protesting streaming royalties and new technologies. These are some of the key findings in Arthur D. Little’s State Of The Media Market 2024 report, an annual analysis of the global trends impacting the media, sports, and entertainment sectors.
Rosemary Ravinal

Use This Power Phrase to Unlock Understanding

The right words carefully chosen and said at the right time can make a world of difference when you want to make meaningful connections, says public speaking coach Rosemary Ravinal. "Certain phrases have immense power to influence others, diffuse tension, and open lines of honest communication," she says.

The Nation’s Foreign-Born Portrait

From 2010 to 2022, the nation’s foreign-born population increased by 15.6%. That's the topline finding from a new Census Bureau report that could greatly benefit broadcast radio and television station owners, given the long-term opportunities from targeting multicultural consumers.

‘One Television Year in the World,’ At A Glance

In 2023, on average and based on the aggregation of the consumption in 86 countries in the world, viewers devoted an average of 2 hours 21 minutes per day to television. That's according to France's "Glance" Global Audience & Content Evolution Report courtesy of Médiamétrie.

Building a Strong Brand Through Authentic Advocacy

Without inspiration, employee advocacy can feel like giving a bland speech on an assigned topic, says guest Media Information Bureau columnist Kelsey Taylor. The Austin-based millennial argues in this essay that authenticity and originality should be the foundation of promoting your organization and generating exposure for it. "Without a sincere spokesman or exciting content, employee engagement is hardly convincing," she argues.

A Personalized Entertainment Dash: What UK Drivers Want

Xperi Inc.'s DTS unit recently distributed a report that details how in-car entertainment is of "the utmost importance" for 67% of adults — a number that soars to 84% for those aged 17-44. Don't fret, America. The survey was conducted in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the findings are telling.

Black Gen Z TV Consumption: A Strong Story

Freshly released highlights of a 2023 Horowitz Research survey of African American consumers that are between the ages of 12 and 27 reaffirm decade-long trends that demonstrate how this segment of American viewers overindex on watching TV content.