A Looking Glass Offer, In Response To COVID-19


To help sound editors, mixers and other post-production professionals who suddenly find themselves working from home, Ambidio is making its Ambidio Looking Glass immersive sound technology available at no charge.

For sound pros in the TV arena, the product can be used as a monitoring tool for theatrical and television projects requiring immersive sound.

“Ambidio Looking Glass produces immersive sound that approximates what can be achieved on a studio mix stage, only it is playable through standard stereo speaker systems,” the Los Angeles-based company notes. “Editors and mixers working from home studios can use it to check their work and share it with clients, who can also hear the results without immersive sound playback systems.”

That has more value than ever during the novel coronavirus pandemic, notes Ambidio founder Iris Wu. “Many need to finish projects that require immersive sound from home studios that lack complex speaker arrays,” she says. “Ambidio Looking Glass provides a way for them to continue working with dimensional sound and meet deadlines, even if they can’t get to a mix stage.”

Ambidio is also waiving its per-title releasing fee for home entertainment titles during the current cinema shutdown. It applies to new titles that haven’t previously been released through Blu-ray, DVD, digital download or streaming.

The free offer is available through May 31. Sound professionals can apply for a free license through Ambidio’s website at: www.ambidio.co/covid-19.


Treating the brain as a decoder, Ambidio Looking Glass creates a continuous sound field with a sense of depth and dimension that can be experienced through any device with stereo speakers.

Sound editors and mixers can use the Ambidio Looking Glass plug-in as a monitoring tool, to process audio for playback in real-time.

Ambidio Looking Glass can also be used to embed immersive sound directly into television shows and other content to allow consumers to experience three-dimensional sound through laptops, TVs and some mobile phones.