AMP Digital Enhancement Coming to SoCast Clients

The AMP suite, known for its digital enhancement products and services, first came to fruition under former owner Triton Digital. Since 2019, it has been the property of Frankly Media. Now, a transaction has taken place that puts AMP in the hands of SoCast.
Sebastien Dignard

Macnica Names a New President

The North American division of Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings is welcoming a new President, an individual who formerly served as President of a company focused on embedded vision Cameras, Edge AI and SaaS products.

AuviTran Releases AxC-AES67 Card For Its Audio ToolBox

With a collection of 21 AxC interface cards for most networked audio interconnecting needs, AuviTran believes this rollout reinforces its position as a valued specialist in audio bridging solutions.

SKT To Showcase AI Technologies at MWC Barcelona

A range of future technologies driven by AI innovations, including communication services, network infrastructure, and real-world applications will take the spotlight for SK Telecom at the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference and expo in Barcelona.
Veritonic Founder and CEO Scott Simonelli

A New ‘Brand Lift’ Product Comes From Veritonic

When it comes to "brand lift," CMOs are more demanding than ever. A new tier of Veritonic's "Brand Lift" offering promises to offer a new, wider dimension to brand health measurement, with enhanced metrics designed to further educate marketers.

AWS Review for Viz Libero Completed

Vizrt, known for its real-time graphics and live production products for content creators, has successfully completed the Amazon Web Services Foundational Technical Review process for its flagship sports analysis product, Viz Libero.

Mediaproxy To Show Off Its Compliance and Monitoring Developments

Australia's largest broadcast and media exhibition is coming in a matter of weeks, and the late summer event will see a company known for its software-based IP compliance products again have a high profile at the affair.

Planetcast Brings ‘NexC’ To Management System Offerings

London-based broadcast technology and media services provider Planetcast Media Services has brought to market its "NexC" architecture — designed to simplify content management, distribution, and monetization services and technologies.
Ted Hand

WSOC Engineering Leader Readies For Retirement

He launched his career in 1978. In those 45+ years, he's missed perhaps a month's worth of work. Now, this longtime broadcast media engineer is ready to step aside and conclude his career, effective June 1, opening up the position of Director of Engineering and Operations for Cox Media Group's WSOC-9 in Charlotte to a new individual.

Canon Camera, Controller Added To Quicklink Offering

Quicklink and Canon have joined forces to demonstrate Canon’s PTZ camera range with Quicklink’s innovative Remote Studio product. This includes a joint presence at the recent AVITENG Technology Days 2023 event. Now comes news of a Canon camera and controller being included as a Quicklink Remote Studio approved device.

NAB Show Launches PropelME For Innovative Entrepreneurs

Early-stage startup companies are being encouraged by the NAB to apply for a new NAB Show initiative designed to cultivate what the association calls "a vibrant ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurs in the dynamic broadcast, media and entertainment industries."

Audacy Renews Relationship with Veritonic

The continued relationship with the Scott Simonelli-helmed Veritonic allows Audacy to provide clients and advertising partners “with insightful and comprehensive data that can be used to optimize their audio campaigns, resulting in an increase in both reach and ROI.”

AI Training, Certification Coming To NAB Show

The 2024 NAB Show is teaming up with Future Media Concepts (FMC) for the launch of a live, innovative workshop series designed to enhance digital creativity and technical prowess using the latest AI technologies.

The InFOCUS Podcast: Anywave GM Dave Neff

Anywave Communications Technologies is bringing what it calls a “complete” ATSC 3.0/1.0 signal chain package to market. What does this mean? Anywave General Manager Dave Neff explains the advancements in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM. LISTEN HERE

AudioVault Powers Fordham Univ.’s FM

Broadcast Electronics, the Elenos Group-owned designer and manufacturer of broadcast products including transmitters for radio and TV, has given a long-standing Adult Alternative FM serving the nation's No. 1 market an audio media management system boost.