The Signs That Say It’s Time To Move On

Change is inevitable, but people weren't built to be miserable, says our guest columnist
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

A Plan to Seize Channels That Actually Aren’t Vacant

"False claims" to have the FCC set aside "vacant channels" for TV white space devices after the incentive auction are discussed

Ways To Turn A ‘No’ Client Into A ‘Yes’ Client

The following tips are both necessary and instrumental for getting bigger deals in less time, from the people who have the authority to say “yes!”

‘OTT Is The New Normal’: Broadcast In ’17?

Over-The-Top video (OTT) has not only been welcomed into the industry fold but is now driving mainstream broadcast strategies

How To Put The Spring Back Into Employees’ Steps

Are your employees happy? If not, this column could provide managers with some good ideas on turning that frown around

An Egregious ‘Enforcement’ Expose

Outside of the D.C. legal fraternity, little was known about a regulation that RBR + TVBR featured columnist Ken Benner takes to task

Should Radio Be The Home For ‘Timeless Hits’?

There may be more timeless music than ever, and not playing it could be costing your radio stations revenue

Distilling Fact From Regulatory Flack

Independent Alternative FCC Compliance Certification Inspector Ken Benner and his wife, Karen, defend ABIP integrity and fairness

Nielsen Breaks Myths Around Black Millennials

Young African Americans are making huge gains. Can your radio or TV station benefit from this in 2017?

What Krispy Kreme Can Do For Radio Ads

This doughnut vendor has a brilliant ad out. Sadly, they forgot about the awesome power radio has to make it better

No Fakery In Radio, TV Spots

Ad-fraud detection firm White Ops says a "bot" from Russia has been ripping off digital advertisers to the tune of more than $3M per day

FCC Defers ’17 NCE Biennial Ownership Report Deadlines

The FCC announced that it would not be burdening noncommercial stations with dual filings in 2017, a Christmas gift from the Commission

Suggested Simplified File Systems

Ken and Karen Benner cannot promise that your bank account will remain untouched, but their tips could keep your funds from D.C.

Why Media Advertising Increases Marketing ROI

A new study finds that shifting just 10% of promotion spending to media advertising will increase marketing ROI by 10%-25%.

Smart Ways To Coach Your Reps On Sales Calls

Barrett Riddleberger offers four steps to take when coaching sales reps to develop their skills and help them achieve their sales goals.

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