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TV Show Viewers: Luxury Brand Consumers?

NY Fashion Week concludes Thursday (9/17) with live streaming sessions through the midday hours. What does this have to do with television? It's all about added ad dollars, and how local and regional luxury brands may warrant a call from one of your AEs.
Michael Nathanson

Cord Cutting in Q3: ‘Are We Finding a Floor?’

"Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?" That's a question MoffettNathanson Senior Analyst Michael Nathanson asks in an investor note that examines the pay-TV industry's health through the third quarter of 2020. The glass half-empty argument is one he focuses on first. What's his ultimate conclusion?

TV’s Time Spent Consumption Story

Here's something you may find weird: The time spent watching television increased across 2020. Yet, eMarketer analysis finds, viewership "plummeted" last year. The data suggest television was punished by COVID-19 in very much the same way broadcast Radio was.

WARC Global Ad Trends: Linear TV Advertising Slides

International marketing intelligence service WARC's latest Global Advertising Trends report has been released. In it, WARC outlines "the new, long-term shifts in e-commerce, social media, online video and gaming for brands and consumers." What's the key takeaway for broadcast media executives? Linear television advertising plummeted.

Nearly Half of American TV Viewers Are Cordless

Cordless television consumers are on track to become the predominant TV consumer in the next year. That's the primary finding from the fourth Future of TV survey from The Trade Desk.

S&P On Carriage Fees: ‘Blackouts Cost Cable Nets Millions’

According to Kagan estimates, top cable networks lost about $179.5 million in affiliate fees since 2013 from cable carriage disputes that resulted in blackouts that were eventually resolved. Cable network owners risk affiliate revenue loss in hopes of producing a more favorable deal with traditional multichannel operators, S&P Global Market Intelligence's Ron Marcelo reports.

Introducing The ‘U.S. Audio Media Forecast’

It's being called "the most comprehensive and in-depth source of econometric data and analysis covering the entire U.S. audio media industry for the 2019-2023 period by all three industry KPIs. Here's your first look at PQ Media's "U.S. Audio Media Forecast," which covers over 40 audio media platforms, channels and categories.

Deloitte Points To Five Trends Driving Industry Growth

Media and entertainment will continue to evolve quickly, not only reckoning with ongoing trends and disruptions within the industry, but also in its continued response to pandemic-led behavioral changes. That's according to Deloitte, which has released a 2022 M&E outlook that explores "five attention-grabbing trends."
Rosemary Ravinal

Love: ‘The Path to Great Public Speaking’

Have you ever felt that your heart just wasn’t into what you were presenting? "The motivation, attitude, and feeling you bring to speaking can be more important than what’s in your head," says "Zoom expert" and public relations industry professional Rosemary Ravinal. This latest column uncovers why heart-centered speaking is key to winning oration.

Connecting with the Elusive Gen Z and Generation Alpha

Media and tech companies, brands, and advertisers yearn to connect with the elusive Gen Z audience and the generation coming up – Generation Alpha. But knowing exactly how to engage these audiences can be challenging on many levels, especially as there’s so much misinformation and assumptions about how these young people interact with media and content, says Horowitz Research's Adriana Waterston.
Rosemary Ravinal

Attention, Job Seekers and HR Pros: Have You Mastered the ‘V-Interview’?

As Rosemary Ravinal sees it, the role of video as an everyday work tool has only expanded since spring 2020. And, hiring managers are replacing the screening function of résumés with video interviews. In this column, Ravinal offers advice both hiring managers and those seeking their next great opportunity should heed.

Could a Ban On TikTok Be Constitutional?

If it were up to Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, it would be prohibited from use in the USA. The House Energy and Commerce Committee, has expressed its concerns, too. But, should Tik Tok be banned? One Conservative D.C. Think Tank says no, ahead of a just-announced on Capitol Hill by Tik Tok's CEO.

Entertainment Radio

The idea here, is an unfamiliar, seldom used approach to radio ... entertainment. Radio as an entertainment medium ... pretty wild idea, huh?Entertainment, not...

Wireless Internet Radio

New people are discovering Internet radio everyday. But right now people have to think about how to connect, where to connect, or what to connect to in order to listen. When wireless access

How social media helped me build a bridge

If you told me one year ago that I would be invited to participate on a Hispanic PR conference panel featuring the “top guys in social media,” I probably would have