Guess What They’ll Say At Forecast?


For 17 years, it’s been a Forecast tradition to close the conference with a Group Head Super Session. Over those 17 years, it’s been an ever-evolving, always fascinating “view from the top” at the industry’s future as seen by radio’s leadership.

As the challenges and opportunities have changed, so, too, has the leadership over those
years, reflecting consolidation as well as natural movement within the executive suite.

What distinguishes the Forecast group head session from other panels, however, is the audience. Many seated in the august North/Biddle Rooms of the Harvard Club are peers, while others are investors or analysts. That’s why this session is always off the record.

You won’t know what’s been said or who has said it unless you are at Forecast in New York City on November 20.

This year will again distinguish itself. Forecast has asked the well-respected programming and digital audio consultant Fred Jacobs to take us beyond the usual questions about the outlook for the coming year and the bottom line, and to also delve into the content side of the business with Cumulus Media President/CEO Mary Berner and Entercom President/CEO David Field.

Entercom President/CEO David Field
Cumulus Media CEO Mary Berner

As president of Jacobs Media and a longtime consultant for all things audio, there is no one better to sit with two of the top leaders and discuss the transformative issues facing radio than Fred. He’ll share his – and your – creative curiosity by asking about things like what’s on tap to attract listeners to radio’s digital platforms. Not to mention maybe get a glimpse not of what keeps them awake at night — but what keeps them sane in their high-pressure world.

It’s a conversation that will fascinate and reveal the “idea” side of leadership. And it’s at Forecast. But you have to be there if you want to get the scoop.

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Forecast 2020
November 20, 2019
Harvard Club
New York