FUEL TV adds two new series in December


FUEL TV, Fox Sports Media Group’s dynamic network for young males, announces the premiere of two new series in December, including the U.S. premiere of the thrilling beach lifeguard reality show “Bondi Rescue” on Monday, December 13 at 11:00pm ET/PT, and the gut-wrenching action sports crash extravaganza “SLAM!” on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 10:30pm ET/PT. These two premieres round out the busiest fall launch schedule ever on FUEL TV with nine new series rolling out since September.

“’Bondi Rescue’ is a real-life ‘Baywatch’ where the risks are incredibly high and the stakes are life and death”

“Both ‘Bondi Rescue’ and ‘SLAM!’ offer the excitement, action and drama that will captivate FUEL TV viewers and deliver on our network promise that ‘Risk is the Only Rule,’” says CJ Olivares, FUEL TV General Manager. “Since the end of September, FUEL TV has debuted an unprecedented amount of new programming and completely re-launched our signature, daily prime time show ‘The Daily Habit.’ ‘Bondi Rescue’ and ‘SLAM!’ add to our incredible programming momentum during our busiest quarter ever for the network.”

The mesmerizing “Bondi Rescue” follows a real life elite team of Australian lifeguards at one of the busiest and most dangerous beaches in the world. These lifeguards are tasked with keeping 40,000 daily beachgoers safe from pounding surf, poisonous jellyfish, nasty sharks and each other. From encounters with wildlife, to surf injuries, to fights, to drug busts, to celebrity visits, there’s no place on earth like Bondi Beach.

“’Bondi Rescue’ is a real-life ‘Baywatch’ where the risks are incredibly high and the stakes are life and death,” says Shon Tomlin, FUEL TV SVP of Programming and Marketing. “It’s a show that has had tremendous success overseas and we’re excited to have the exclusive rights to six seasons of this acclaimed series.”

FUEL TV’s original series “SLAM!,” hosted by professional daredevil and crash aficionado Chris “Slam” Lambert, delivers the most ruthless and gut-wrenching crashes and mishaps in all of sports. Whether it’s surfers getting swallowed up by monster waves, skateboarders landing spread-eagle on rails, or freestyle motocross riders ejecting from 100-foot dirt jumps, “SLAM!” showcases what happens when the most exciting sports in the world go terribly wrong. Chris walks viewers through the spills that made history, letting victims reveal the dirty details, and throwing himself in harm’s way when least expected.

“This is a show that grips you by the throat, has you on the edge of your seat and actually hurts to watch,” says Tomlin. “But, ‘SLAM!’ is really more than just a spills and thrills show. It gets to the heart of what it takes to pull these tricks and the punishment an athlete’s body endures on their road to success.”

“Bondi Rescue,” produced by Australian independent producer Cordell Jigsaw, premieres Monday, December 13 and will air weeknights at 11:00pm ET/PT.

“SLAM!,” a FUEL TV original series, premieres on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 10:30pm ET/PT and will air for 13 weeks. It will be included in the FEARLESS WEDNESDAYS programming lineup launching in January 2011.

(Source: FUEL TV)