Television consumer trends by occupation

What you watch on TV can be linked to what your job is -- here's a look at how television viewing and employment category match up.

Radio keeps consumers occupied

What you do for a living has a relationship with what types of radio programming you gravitate to -- here's a look at radio favorites by occupation.

Cashing in on consumers with television

When looking at television data, sports programming again does very well. However, television programming tends to flatten out the demographics

Cashing in on consumers with radio

Three formats completely dominate the results on the high end

How radio format fans use television

People who watch a certain type of program also tend to tune into certain types of radio content. Take a look.

Magazine scene: What radio consumers are reading

Is your station's audience more of a People group, or a Time Magazine group? What else do they like? Find out here.
Magazine Rack

Magazine scene: What television consumers are reading

You can tell a lot about the people who watch you programming by seeing what magazines they read.

Radio and the digital world: How consumers are connected

You do not need us to tell you how important new media is these days, led first and foremost by the internet.
Democrat and Republican

The Politics of the Radio Audience

A handy guide to buying and selling political advertising on America's radio stations.
Political Advertising

The Politics of the Television Audience

Pundits and watchdogs can’t stop talking about political advertising – and in particular, they can’t stop talking about the amount of money that is...
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Regional Format Popularity Variations

This study isn’t just for PDs – we think GMs, GSMs, group execs and anybody with an interest in radio management should be interested....
Wall Street Bull

Broadcasting stocks shot up in Q1

RBR-TVBR analysis Man, oh man, radio and television stocks stormed out of the starting gate in 2012. Nearly all were up for Q1, with most...

Barnstable: Biggest deal so far this year

The recently announced $23 Million purchase (pending) of four Barnstable radio stations on Long Island, by privately held Connoisseur, represents the largest sale so...

How TV program delivery varies by region

Television has always been a true mass medium – in fact, it was so successful at filling that role that it knocked radio out...

Strong March auto sales posted; Which media influenced the buys

March turned out to be one of the best months for domestic car makers in years, as rising gas prices drove sales of fuel-efficient...