Wyoming CPs change hands


A new builder is taking the licenses of a pair of DIY FM projects in extreme Eastern Wyoming. They’re headed for the towns of Lusk and Manville.

They aren’t built, but at least they’ve already gotten call letters. KQWY-FM is the Lusk station, a Class C on 96.3 MHz with 100 kw @ 1,959’. A little further west is KOUZ-FM, the Manville stations, a Class C1 on 98.9 MHz with 100 kw @ 978’.

The buyer is Robert B. Rose. He’ll pay $43,550 for the duo, $31,200 of which is allocated to the Lusk station, with $12,350 going to the Manville station. The entire amount will be paid via promissory note, with Rose putting a small amount — $200 to be exact – into escrow to seal the deal.

The seller is Alma Corp., headed by Dennis Wallace. Rose will be eligible to receive the same bidding credit Wallace used to win the CPs in the first place.