What’s In Store for Week 5 of ‘GatesAir Connect’


With GatesAir’s Virtual Events platform, the company is making up for the loss of a 2020 NAB Show expo booth and personal interaction with an all-digital booth designed to let it feature new product updates, topical presentations, round tables with special guests, and even “virtual booth meetings.”

GatesAir is now in Week 5, and here’s what can be expected from upcoming webinars that include a special “Pre-NAB Express” event on May 12:

Digital Radio: A Review of the Latest Standards – HDRadio, DAB, and DRM
R. Redmond / T. Lantz  •  May 5, 2020
Digital radio offers a wide range of services beyond simple audio delivery. We will look at the most popular standards available today, status of the technology, advanced features offered, new revenue streams enabled, receiver availability, and costs to deploy.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): The Economics of Deploying High-Efficiency Transmitters
M. Horspool  •  May 7, 2020
High-efficiency transmitters are the cornerstone of low TCO, though many other factors are equally important. We will look at all the major drivers of total cost of ownership, including repairability, modularity, footprint, and several other factors that can help you select a reliable transmitter that will provide you cost-effective operation throughout the life of the product.
Business Implications for NextGen TV [NAB Show Express co-event]
R. Ducey / S. Matheny  •  May 12, 2020
Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services will speak to broadcast business models being considered for ATSC 3.0 and the kinds of expectations agencies and marketers should have for NextGen TV and local TV advertising in terms of services, data and other opportunities will be available to them, and when.
Sam Matheny, Chief Technology Officer of the NAB will discuss the status of the roll out of ATSC 3.0 and how stations are deploying this new broadcast standard.


GatesAir’s website includes the entire schedule, along with RSVP information and links to previous webinars.