Veteran group owner Bob Sherman has died


Friends in the radio industry were shocked to learn that Bob Sherman died on Sunday (8/14). Sherman had a long career as a manager and group owner, most recently of Double O Radio, which is being sold to Townsquare Media.

Sherman was a member of Pilot Group LLC, headed by Bob Pittman, which is the financial backer of both Double O Radio and Barrington Broadcasting Group in television, along with a number of other media-related ventures. Their association went back to their days at NBC and then on to AOL. Sherman was President of Interactive Marketing at America Online and a close advisor to Pittman as President and COO of the entire company. They were the two Roberts in Roberts Radio, another radio group which they built and sold to Clear Channel.

Bob Sherman’s long resume also says he was CEO-Founder at WP Radio Company; CEO, Co-Founder at Della Femina, Sherman; Executive Vice President at NBC Radio; and VP/GM of CBS Radio’s WCAU-AM Philadelphia.

“Bob had a big impact on both my personal life and my career, and I’m not alone; throughout his life he fostered and supported a number of people who owe a great deal to his insight and confidence in them. I’ve known Bob as a senior executive in radio, cable TV, theme parks, the internet and private equity, but most of all I’ve known him as a great, steadfast friend of over 30 years — and I miss him already,” said Pittman of his longtime friend in a statement issued by Pilot Group.

A memorial is now planned for the New York area.

Sherman, who succumbed to liver cancer, had been a blogger, writing his thoughts under the blog title “Great Sellers Go to Heaven.” His last blog, posted in May, was titled “The fat lady never stops singing for the great ones.”