Triage Assessment Needed? Here’s How LeadsRx Can Help


PORTLAND, ORE. — Marketing attribution software company LeadsRx, along with select partners, are offering a no-cost “Triage Assessment Program” designed to help businesses in a time of need as the nation faces the COVID-19 and economic crises.

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat, marketers need to retool their marketing and advertising programs and refresh their campaigns for the current economic climate.

“The LeadsRx Triage Assessment Program is meant to help businesses establish a benchmark of the current state of their marketing and advertising programs and provide good faith recommendations to consider in modifying strategies to connect with customers and sales prospects,” the company notes. “The ultimate benefit is to help businesses pivot and adapt their marketing strategies to make better use of their advertising budgets to generate sales revenue.”

How does it work? Interested businesses can apply for the LeadsRx Triage Assessment Program by going to LeadsRx employees will field requests for help and will start by getting details of their current marketing efforts. Then, they will qualify the quality of the marketing methodologies and technologies each business has employed and implemented.

Selected companies then enter into the Triage Assessment Program where LeadsRx will use its marketing attribution platform to do an analysis of each business’s marketing and advertising campaigns across touchpoints used, whether digital, email, radio and TV, or other mediums that have been used.

In return, businesses will receive a Triage Assessment Program benchmark report along with any recommendations LeadsRx attribution and data science experts believe would benefit marketing and ad programs in terms of optimizing their return on ad spending (ROAS).

In very select cases, as necessary, LeadsRx will bring in its marketing agency service partners to assist in assessing a company’s ad and marketing campaigns for effectiveness and will make recommendations on changes that could potentially further optimize ROAS.

“In these uncertain times, we all need to assess what we can do to help one another,” says AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “While our marketing attribution services can’t help the front-line at hospitals, LeadsRx has a powerful tool that can help businesses and advertisers during this difficult time.”