TiVo issues


TiVo has invited brands and advertisers to take the “TiVo Challenge” by trading in the value of their least performing prime-time 30-second TV spot and instead using those funds to buy 30 days of exposure on TiVo. TiVo says its wants to  help them understand how their media buys are performing and demonstrate how far the TV dollars currently spent on traditional :30 spots in DVR homes can go when TiVo’s interactive ad solutions are used to counter fast-forwarding. TiVo ad solutions are designed to reach viewers before, during, and after programs, not just during ad breaks.

TiVo will first help participants evaluate their current media plan in the DVR universe and identify the most avoided spot that is worth trading in by using its anonymous Stop||Watch ratings service. TiVo’s ad solutions offer the ability to present and activate advertisers’ offers and messages in the pause menu, fast-forward billboards and interactive tags during commercials, as well as throughout TiVo’s user interface.

RBR-TVBR observation: We think the “challenge” should be backed up with a guarantee that the “most avoided spot” in the DVR universe gets less avoidance after it runs via the TiVo system. That would get a lot more attention from a marketing manager.