At the stroke of midnight

12/31/07 we shout "Happy New Year 2008!" Let me be the first to say now Happy New Year, as the new two-year business cycle has already begun. The 2008 clock is ticking right this second. RBR – TVBR has stated this numerous times, "Technology Waits for No One." PPM and LPM are rolling, gathering real time data. Therefore, I am not waiting for the New Year’s baby to arrive to bring forth our electronic improvements. 

Right now, TODAY, RBR – TVBR goes completely electronic.  We will cease printing our monthly SmartMedia magazine with the December ’07 issue. We are no longer paying alimony to the US Postal Service and we will save a tree by not printing paper. The valuable content in SmartMedia will be delivered electronically, where you can control and print our informative content on your color printer. YES! Permission granted to forward to your staff and clients at no charge.

This is the 2nd time in 25 years I have had to make this hard decision. The first time was 07/08/02 RBR Epaper #1 (worth a history read). Then 19-year-old RBR was a weekly mag. It ceased appearing in print and went daily, electronically, as the now-familiar RBR Morning Epaper. Back then my colleagues thought I had lost my friggin’ mind. This time the decision was easier. At the NAB Radio Show in Charlotte I saw executives, even the old guys like me, carrying their hand-held devices — and knowing how to use them!

And I saw the trade publication bins – mine and everyone else’s – overflowing, as nobody was picking up anyone’s magazine or newspaper. Nobody brought extra luggage to take all that paper back home. You, our readers, are online. We go where you are.

What you will receive 100% electronically:

What you will receive 100% electronically:
1. RBR or TVBR Epaper: 250 issues a year at 7:30am sharp Monday-Friday, with Observations.
2. MBR afternoon update: 4:30pm sharp with a tweaked design.
3. RBR/TVBR Special Biz Info reports: (content formerly printed in SmartMedia) now delivered 9:00am sharp on key days.
4. Website: You’ve asked for it and now we deliver. Our new Internet site will be up and running, with access by year’s end. It will take time to populate 25 years of content and archived history, but be patient and it will be accomplished.
5. Software: Improvement also brings Software Upgrading. You will be notified to perform a simple and painless task of filling out fewer boxes and submitting it to our Mail Server. Then you are solid in our system for another three years.

Lastly, I shall personally attempt to contact by phone every executive that is conducting marketing business with RBR & TVBR to answer any questions, as your sponsorship support has been and always will be appreciated.
When we wish all a Happy New Year 2008, RBR will turn 25 years young, our Silver Anniversary.  The RBR/TVBR Team will celebrate every day by delivering the best content possible. You have known this and depended on us for the first 24 years. As we begin our 25th year, the best is on the way as "Technology Waits for No One."

Jim Carnegie
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