Osprey Opts For New Talon Hardware Encoders


In a move to expand its Talon line of stand-alone hardware encoders, launched at last year’s NAB Show with the Talon G1 three-channel streaming contribution encoder, Osprey Video has released three new Talon models.

The devices, two encoders and one decoder, combine ease of use with broadcast-quality video delivery in a small form factor.

Addressing an infinite number of applications in environments, the new Talon products are controlled through a simple web interface, requiring minimal network resources. Once configured, they can run dependably 24/7 without user intervention. They are especially useful for organizations that use a single encoder in narrowcasting scenarios, such as corporate communications departments. 

Osprey Video’s Talon hardware encoders can stream live, broadcast-quality video with embedded closed captions. This component is critical for meeting federal captioning mandates, especially when streaming broadcast content to OTT channels.

Furthermore, all Talon models include tight integrations with such streaming platforms as Wowza Streaming Cloud™, YouTube, Facebook Live, and the Zixi Platform. 

Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video, commented, “Video capture is our foundation, but given the market demand, hardware encoding and decoding have become a close second. That’s why we’re expanding this product line and incorporating quality and ease of use that are second to none. Although it’s very young, our Talon product line checks all the boxes for a broad spectrum of users, and its possibilities are endless. We’re giving our customers encoding and decoding done right, with proven technology from a proven company that’s been around since the inception of streaming.”