Oregon combo split between two buyers


Crystal Clear Broadcasting Company has an old-fashioned AM-FM combo licensed to Lakeview OR, which is about halfway across the state east-to-west and in the extreme south not far from California when measuring vertically. It just filed two contracts, spinning KQIK-AM to one buyer and KQIK-FM to another.

Lakeview is not far from a lake – in fact, there’s one to the south and another to the north – but it is far from anything resembling rated territory. It is beyond the reach of Arbitron and Eastlan.

The FM is commanding the greater price tag. It is being bought by Woodrow Michael Warren, for $37.5K, which will be paid for the most part via a promissory that calls for 25 monthly payments of $1.5K beginning 30 days after closing. The station is a Class C3 on 93.5 MHz with 1 kW @ 951’.

KQIK-AM is going to Joseph E. Kalisek for $12.5K. His deal is similar to that of Warren – he’ll make 25 monthly payments commencing 30 days after closing. However, his lower overall price will result in a lower $500 monthly check. The AM is a Class C on 1230 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND.

There is no mention of one or the other buyer getting the rights to the call letters in either contract, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see another deal down the road. Warren will be doubling up the FM with his KLCR-FM, which is also licensed to Lakeview. The consolidation report he commissioned also took KQIK-AM into account – so perhaps their eventual union, via LMA or purchase, is in the works some time down the road.

Seller Crystal Clear Broadcasting is headed by Tommie S. Dodd.