Ohana Media anchors deeper in Anchorage


Trila Bumstead’s Ohana Media got its start last December with the acquisition of several stations in Anchorage and the Astoria OR area, scavenged from the remains of her old company, New Northwest Broadcasters. Now she’s hit the troubled asset pile again to add stations in the Anchorage market, and almost tripling her initial investment in the process.

The $1.227M she’ll pay to acquire KBYR-AM Anchorage and KMBQ-FM Wasilla is more than four times what she paid for four other in-market stations in her $275K deal with Revitalization Partners in a deal filed with the FCC 12/17/10. She also paid $190K in a deal filed the same day for NNW stations in Astoria OR and environs, including two across the state line in Washington.

The current stations are coming from receiver Bob Woodward, representing Spirit of Alaska Broadcasting Inc.

Ohana’s existing stations include two which it is claiming are within the Anchorage market KDBZ-FM and KFAT-FM. The other two are licensed to Houston AK, and the consolidation filing that accompanies the contract says they are being analyzed using the old contour method. They are KBBO-FM and KXLW-FM.

There is still one full-power station licensed to Spirit that is not part of this deal. According to the FCC, KMBQ-AM is licensed but silent.