Nielsen Officially Embraces Gracenote ID As Standard


Nielsen is formally adopting Gracenote IDs as the standard content identifier across its audience measurement solutions.

Standardization of Gracenote IDs within Nielsen’s measurement products, Nielsen says, will tie together all related media and power more effective cross platform buying and planning.

Gracenote’s IDs link together video, music and sports content across television, digital, and radio and power advanced search and intuitive user experiences. “These unique alphanumeric content identifiers for linear TV, VOD and OTT underpin the national and local programming guides used by viewers everyday,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen’s standardization of the Gracenote ID aims to provide greater automation for media clients who will be able to use one single identifier for their program titling processes.

By binding the Gracenote IDs to all watermarks and signatures within its measurement, Nielsen believes it can help clients more effectively map and measure content wherever it lives, fueling the cross media linking of metadata across all platforms for Nielsen Total Audience products.

“Implementing Gracenote IDs as standard identifiers is a vital step forward toward creating a more automated, efficient, and accurate measurement process regardless of where the content or ad is consumed,” said Kelly Abcarian, Nielsen’s SVP/Product Leadership. “Weaving Gracenote IDs through all Nielsen audience measurement services is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering products that provide tangible benefit to our clients and the market at large.”

With this standardization, Nielsen will provide “premium metadata management services” that will offer clients “significant workflow efficiencies and deliver carefully curated metadata in their audience reporting.”

It added that the streamlined approach “will allow clients to more optimally map and measure content across all platforms and provide the missing linkage to power cross-media buying and planning.”