Newberry joins, Bustos rejoins BMI Board


Steve NewberrySteve Newberrry, head of radio group Commonwealth Broadcasting and a leader at the NAB, has been elected to the Board of Directors of music licensing organization BMI. Another radio exec, Amador Bustos, was re-elected to the board.

Newberry has served in the upper echelon of the NAB leadership, serving as Joint Board Chairman, Chair of NAB’s Radio Board and Chair of the NAB Political Action Committee. He has also served as President of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, the trade group in the state where the Commonwealth stations are located.

Amador Bustos is President of Bustos Media Holdings LLC. His company is based in Portland OR and has radio holdings in several western markets.

Also re-elected Del R. Bryant, President & Chief Executive Officer, BMI, New York, NY; and Philip A. Jones, President, Cabo Tres Publishing and PAJ Publishing, Mission Hills, KS.

Cecil Walker, (retired) Chairman/CEO of Gannett Broadcasting, is retiring and will serve as Honorary Director.

Remaining on the Board:
* Chair, Susan Davenport Austin, Senior Vice President and CFO Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation and President Sheridan Gospel Network, New York, NY;
* Presiding Director, Jack Sander, Scottsdale, AZ; 
* N. John Douglas, Chairman and CEO, AIM Broadcasting, LLC, Palo Alto, CA;
* Kenneth J. Elkins, (Retired) President & CEO, Pulitzer Broadcasting and Senior Vice President, Broadcasting, Pulitzer Publishing Co., St. Louis, MO;
* Michael J. Fiorile, Vice Chairman and CEO, Dispatch Broadcast Group, Columbus, OH;
* Catherine L. Hughes, Founder and Chairperson, Radio One, Inc., Silver Spring, MD;
* Jerome L. Kersting, CFO, Merlin Media, Chicago, IL;
* Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW Network, Burbank CA;
* Craig A. Dubow, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gannett Co., Inc., Great Falls, VA;
* Paul Karpowicz, President, Meredith Broadcasting Group, Rocky Hill, CT;
* Virginia Hubbard Morris, Chair, Hubbard Radio and Vice President, Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc., St. Paul, MN; and
* G. Neil Smith, President, GNS Media, LLC, Liberty, SC.