New Mexico stock deal forms instant radio group


Majestic Communications LLC will be one of the nation’s newest radio groups when it closes on its acquisition of six New Mexico radio stations in two unrated markets. Four are in Roswell NM and two in Tucumcari NM.
The seller is Ingalls Holdings LLC, headed by Trish and David Ingalls. The buyer is headed by Anna Maria and James L. Matteucci.

The price is $260K for the radio six-pack, all of which is going into escrow. The contract stipulates that none of this money should be considered in the event damages are sought if the deal fails to close.

One other contract stipulation is unsurprising – the buyers are required to rename the company they are buying as soon as possible to remove any reference to the Ingalls family name.

Here are the stations that Majestic will be acquiring:

In Roswell NM:
* KBCQ-AM, a Class C on 1230 kHz with 620 W-N, 1 kW-N, ND
* KBCQ-FM, a Class C1 on 97.1 MHz with 100 kW @ 364’
* KMOU-FM, a Class C1 on 104.7 MHz with 100 kW @ 328’
* KSFX-FM, a Class C1 on 100.5 MHz with 100 kW @ 121’

In Tucumcari NM:
* KTNM-AM, a Class C on 1400 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND
* KQAY-FM, a Class A on 92.7 MHz with 3 kW @ 412’