NBC Agency selects Mediaport for CES display


The NBC Agency announced they have chosen Mediaport, a leader in music/media burning and digital download kiosks, to create both the hardware and software solutions needed by NBC for the company’s CES display. Mediaport will be providing both the kiosks and digital software solutions to power the NBC Digital content portion of their 2008 CES display.

All CES attendees will be able to download NBC programs such as 30 Rock, Project Runway and 12 Corazones from one of the many Mediaport kiosks which will be located throughout NBC Universal’s CES booth.

Under the partnership agreement, customers downloading music on Mediaport kiosks called Mediaport ATM’s at hundreds of retail locations have been able see advertising content from NBC promoting popular programs such as Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with Conan O’Brien, Last Call with Carson Daly and MSNBC.