MRC Accreditation Granted For Nielsen IBOPE TV Ratings


TLALNEPANTLA DE BAZ, MEXICO — For many in Mexico City and the surrounding communities within the state of México, over-the-air television is still very common, even with the growth of cable TV providers including Totalplay and Megacable.

It is also evolving, with TV Azteca very much challenging media giant Televisa with its diverse array of programming. Then, there are the multitude of cable and satellite-delivered channels.

Who’s watching what? Information from Nielsen IBOPE has the answer — and its ratings has just been accredited.

With the blessing of Georgie Ivie, Nielsen IBOPE’s joint venture in Mexico offering Television Audience Measurement service across 28 cities has been granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council.

It’s a significant milestone for Nielsen, as it is the first MRC accreditation granted to a TAM service outside of the U.S. — and the first international market for Nielsen Global Media.

Ivie, the MRC’s Executive Director, congratulated Nielsen “for meeting the rigorous requirements necessary to achieve MRC’s accreditation” for its Mexico service.

“Nielsen has strongly evidenced its commitment to continuous improvement of the service throughout our accreditation process, and we look forward to continuing our work together as Nielsen strives to meet the needs of the industry in Mexico,” Ivie said.

The accreditation effort has spanned nearly a half-decade.

“For over four years, we have been working hand-in-hand with the MRC to make sure our Television Audience Measurement service complies with its standards, and today we are reassured that our service is reliable and effectively allows our clients to better plan, activate and optimize their spend,” said Jose De la Rosa, Nielsen IBOPE Mexico Market Leader. “We are proud to be able to provide the market with an independent view of the audience and the one source of truth.”

With the MRC’s accreditation, broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies in Mexico are poised have a better understanding of the consumer discovery process.

“While we are thrilled to be able to say that Nielsen is the first MRC accredited solution outside of the United States, and certainly we put a lot of time, effort and investment into this effort, we are even more excited about how this will help clients and the industry as a whole transact with a greater degree of rigor in this region,” said Nielsen Global Media EVP Toni Petra. “It’s crucial that in every country Nielsen has a footprint in to have leading measurement solutions that clients can rely on with confidence and that will help underpin both a stable measurement ecosystem and robust marketplace.”

Among the many channels typically seen on Mexico’s cable systems are Latin American versions of common U.S. offerings, including FOX Sports, ESPN, Disney Channel, E!, AMC, TNT and A&E. Meanwhile, SONY and Universal Channel draw large audiences, largely with English-language programming from the U.S. offered with Spanish-language subtitles.

— Alejandra Jimenez, in Mexico