Motivated buyer for Davidson Nashville AM


SoldDavidson Media and TBLC Media have a complicated relationship going in Nashville TN. But it may soon get at least a little less so, depending on whether or not TBLC can quickly pull the trigger on an option to buy.

TBLC struck a TBA for WNVL-AM, licensed to Nashville proper, on 10/1/11. It has now filed paperwork with the FCC on a plan to acquire the station outright.

It hinges first on getting a new lease on a tower site for a minimum of five years. And here is why TBLC should be motivated: Once the site is secure, TBLC has 90 days to exercise its purchase option on the station. If it does, the price will be $665K. If not, the price goes up to $710K. If the price is $665K, it’ll be allocated as follows: $37,450 for tangible personal property, $127,550 for a non-compete, and $500K for licenses and goodwill.

We will add in that there is a get-it-down-ASAP motivator amounting to $45K.

Davidson is headed by Chris McMurray, TBLC by Mark Janbakhsh.

WNVL is a Class C on 1240 firing off 1 kW-U, ND.

TBLC has a duopoly partner in the market via a station it operates under terms of an LMA. WMDB-AM, also licensed to Nashville proper, is a Class D on 880 kHz. It does a decent job covering Nashville during the day with 2.5 kW, but you’d better be standing near the transmitter if you want to hear the station after the sun goes down, when the signal is a modest-to-the-point-of-being-non-existent 2 Watts.

What makes the WMDB LMA interesting is that it is also with Davidson Media Group. So if and when the WNVL deal closes, there will still be a renter/tenant relationship between the two companies for the second AM.

Both stations use Hispanic formats.