Minorities account for most TVHH gains


A recent Nielsen report showed the most modest projected gain in TV households – 400K – in ten years, a gain of 0.3%. It has broken it down further, and showed that the biggest gains are among Hispanics, and minorities together make up almost all of it. The Hispanic gain is 290K (2.3%), Asians account for 40K (0.8%), African Americans gain 50K (0.3%), leaving just 20K to Caucasians. That’s a virtual 0% gain.

Total U.S. Television Households by Race and Ethnicity: 2009 and 2010
TV Households 2009 UE (000) 2010 UE (000) Relative Change
Total 114,500 114,900 0.30%
Hispanic 12,660 12,950 2.30%
Asian 4,740 4,780 0.80%
Black or African-American 13,950 14,000 0.30%
Source: The Nielsen Company

Click here to download a pdf from Nielsen with ethnic DMA data for all 210 US television markets.