MB Revolution strikes again in southern Texas


Roberto Gonzalez is building a radio group in the portion of Texas near the Rio Grande and the border with Mexico. His MBM Radio/MB Revolution recently announced a $2.7M deal to acquire three stations in Laredo and an LMA with a fourth. Gonzalez will be spending considerably less to add an outpost upriver at Del Rio.

The new deal is for KTDR-FM, a Class C1 on 96.3 MHz with 100 kW @ 505’. Not only is the station upriver from Laredo, it is also upriver from another Gonzalez outpost in Eagle Pass TX.

The seller is Grande Broadcasting of Del Rio Inc., headed by Carlos G. Flores.

The price for the station is a modest $25K cash.

It will have tangential overlap with another MB station, once the other station is constructed. Its KVDR-FM CP Brackettville TX. It’ll be located to the east of KTDR-FM, and will be a Class C3 on 94.7 MHz with 25 kW @ 328’.
The Laredo deal was accepted by the FCC 1/20/12, and includes KLNT-AM/KNWX-FM Laredo TX and KBDR-FM Mirando City TX plus the seller’s TBA with Border Broadcasters for KQUR-FM Laredo. The seller is Border Media Business Trust under Larry Patrick.

MB Revolution is a very young group – it filed to buy the stations in Eagle Pass, along with others in Uvalde, during the summer of 2011.