Knology signs with Backchannelmedia for Clickable TV


Knology has signed an agreement with Backchannelmedia to implement its Clickable TV service on its state-of-the-art digital cable network. Clickable TV allows viewers to “bookmark” TV programming and advertisements of interest for review at their leisure.

Viewers who choose to use Clickable TV will see small, non-intrusive icons at the bottom of their TV screen during “Clickable Moments™,” which are opportunities for the viewer to click a button on their remote control to “bookmark” content to their email or secure Web portal. Unlike conventional cable RFI (“Request For Information”) services, Clickable TV uses a completely electronic response loop that connects the viewer directly to a specific location on the advertiser’s web site. Clickable Moments can be inserted into both advertisements and programming.

Knology is providing the lead market for Backchannelmedia, joining four broadcast television station ownership groups and a small group of individual television stations in the northeast. The Clickable TV service is scheduled to launch in Q2 2010 to digital subscribers in the Montgomery, AL market.

Clickable TV will be provided free of charge to Knology digital subscribers, and does not require any additional remote control, consumer home equipment or professional installation in subscriber homes.

The new ad inventory of Clickable Moments allows Knology (and TV stations carried by Knology) to sell Clickable Moments to advertisers on a “per click” basis in addition to impression-based TV commercials. A new clickable content inventory links television content of interest to the Web, providing a useful and convenient service for TV viewers.