Into The Metaverse: iHeart Pacts With Super League Gaming


SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — A top network of metaverse games, monetization tools, and content channels is partnering with the No. 1 audio content creation and distribution company in the U.S.

The agreement brings Super League Gaming ad inventory and its influencer network to companies seek to gain entry into the metaverse — something iHeartMedia very much has an interest in growing its business in.

The deal also sees iHeart and SLG collaborating on the development and rollout of iHeartMedia’s “iHeartLand” virtual spaces and fan experiences across metaverse platforms, as well as the distribution of Super League’s immersive new 3D and NPC (non-player character) ad units.

For iHeart, the alliance brings opportunities. First, Super League will share its “deep knowledge and insights” on open metaverse gaming platforms such as Roblox and Minecraft.

This includes the company’s analytics, designed to help guide the go-to-market plans and “future-forward” sales strategies for iHeartMedia’s clients. Super League’s ad tech solutions feature a platform deployed within more than 150 curated, “brand-safe” games in Roblox that reach more than 70 million monthly active players; measurable formats within the largest free Minecraft server host community in the world, Minehut; and dynamic home page placements across dozens of YouTube channels. “This partnership reaches far into the depths of the metaverse to provide iHeartMedia’s sales team with full access to Super League’s metaverse ad inventory.”

Creators and developers working with Super League will continue to have full control over the ads that appear in the environments they have built and grown, with iHeartMedia poised to ramp up their monetization opportunities at an accelerated pace.

Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League, commented, “Generation Z does not distinguish between physical and digital worlds, moving fluidly between the two in their daily existence. iHeartMedia has been a defining brand at this very intersection, combining digital and physical content experiences that delight consumers and fans. It is awesome to be working alongside iHeart as they extend their brand into the metaverse and deepen their commitment to providing impactful solutions to the top advertisers on the planet.”

Jessica Jerrick, EVP of Digital Distribution and Platform Partnerships for iHeartMedia, added, “As we develop and introduce our unique iHeart experiences in the metaverse this year, we’re thrilled to partner with Super League to create new and compelling ways to connect our brand partners to passionate fans in our virtual spaces and beyond,” said. “Super League’s expertise, coupled with their best-in-class ad tech and expansive inventory across Roblox games, puts them at the forefront of this exciting space and makes them an ideal partner for iHeartMedia’s new extensions in the metaverse.”