Hispanic Radio Podcast: What Advertisers Think Of AM & FM


With CMOs, brand managers, media buyers and media planners in the middle of the digitally focused NewFronts and the television industry gearing up for its mid-May Upfront presentations, are radio stations part of the marketing mix for companies seeking growth by appealing to Hispanic consumers?

In the latest edition of the Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing’s Radio + Television Business Report and Radio Ink, Isaac Mizrahi, co-president and COO of Miami-based multicultural advertising agency Alma, discusses the important role both Spanish-language radio and English-language radio targeted to Hispanics has for the marketers and advertisers he works with on a daily basis.

Mizrahi also serves as chairman of the Culture Marketing Council, the voice of Hispanic marketing. It’s a role he gained in November 2017.

In this audio podcast, Mizrahi believes multicultural marketers should be actively on the radar for this clients. “I’m a big believer that using the right mix of different option is the best solution, and radio is definitely part of the right mix,” he says.

Mizrahi thinks Hispanic radio is increasingly successful for marketers, and there are several reasons why.

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