Health ad claims muzzled by FTC


A court has upheld the Federal Trade Commission which in turn has ordered Daniel Chapter One, headed by James Feijo, to cease making claims about some of its health products that the FTC says are scientifically unsubstantiated. DCO calls itself a “religious ministry,” with a health focus and two-hour daily radio show.

The products cited by the FTC include BioShark, 7 Herb Formula, GDU, and BioMixx. FTC said that DCO may not make claims, such as that the items “…inhibit tumor formation or growth; eliminate tumors; treat or cure cancer; or heal the effects of radiation or chemotherapy unless the claims are true, non-misleading, and based on scientific evidence.”

DCO has been fighting the FTC all the way. It particularly objects to not being allowed to quote individuals who used products and had cancers disappear. “No information about cancer and hers—even if true–or testimonies of people whose cancer disappeared after using herbs could be displayed,” the company argued. “Daniel Chapter One: through its lawyers say this violates the Untied States Constitution’s First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion.”

DCO’s website describes the radio show thusly: “The most candidly brazen, gut-honest health program heard on radio! Started a decade ago as Daniel Chapter One Health Talk, host Jim Feijo quickly renamed the program Daniel Chapter One Health Watch, realizing their role as watchmen. As watchmen placed high on the walls of ancient cities to announce danger approaching from a distance, the Feijos take seriously a responsibility they feel to alert people to dangers in medicine, and to give them a safe out.”

The FTC has ordered DCO to “…send a letter notifying purchasers that the FTC has found advertising claims for the products deceptive because they were unsubstantiated. The letter also will inform consumers of the importance of consulting with health care providers before using any herbal product in order to ensure that all aspects of their medical treatment work together.”