Google Radio Automation connects with MusicMaster


Google became one of the first radio automation manufacturers to adopt the newly announced MusicMaster Nexus Server at the NAB convention in Las Vegas last week. Demos of the new Google Radio Automation system featured a dynamic connection to MusicMaster via the Nexus Server. Using this new technology, announcers in the studio can request replacement songs that pass MusicMaster’s scheduling rules through a widget on the Google Radio Automation user interface. When one of the perfect replacement songs is selected, that change is automatically reconciled in both systems. Likewise, scheduling changes made in MusicMaster by the PD or MD are automatically reflected in the Google system. The MusicMaster Nexus Server is an HTTP service application that processes requests from third-party software systems across a local area network or the Internet providing real-time access to the MusicMaster database and scheduling intelligence. Primarily designed as an automation interface, the Nexus Server can easily connect with other software systems, such as traffic and billing, research analysis, and web services. A single Nexus Server handles requests from multiple systems simultaneously.