Mega TV adds new program to Sundays


Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) announced today its MEGA TV Channel 22 Miami/DirecTV Channel 169 Puerto Rico and DirecTV Channel 405 in the rest of the country will be adding “La Descarga Con Albita,” a new musical show featuring the popular Cuban singer, to its Sunday lineup.  The new show airs at 8:00 PM ET and will start 4/27.

With the addition of “La Descarga Con Albita,” the new Sunday schedule will be:

·          6:00 PM – Mega News:  The Weekend Edition

·          7:00 PM – “El Círculo” (“The Circle”) hosted by renown journalist, Ana Remos

·          8:00 PM – “La Descarga con Albita”, new musical show with popular Cuban singer

·          9:00 PM – “Raíces y Recuerdos” (“Roots and Memories”) presented by journalist Camilo Egaña

·          10:00 PM – Mega Reporte, which presents leading investigative journalism

As part of the changes, “Consulta Médica” (“Medical Advice”), which is hosted by Verónica Yussin, will start airing in its new schedule Saturdays at 7:00 PM EST commencing on Saturday, April 26.