GEICO’s Spot Cable Supremacy Continues


It’s no surprise to anyone who has turned to a cable TV network in recent weeks that Liberty Mutual Insurance is aggressively courting consumers with two integrated commercial campaigns.

While the Limu Emu (and Doug) effort represents a huge number of spot plays, the Spot Ten Cable leader according to Media Monitors is the good ol’ Gecko.

GEICO is a huge No. 1 for the week ending Jan. 19, representing with some 80,384 spot plays.

LiMu is No. 2, with a very respectable 67,022.

Meanwhile, tax season is starting, which pushes TurboTax to No. 3 thanks to nearly 50,000 spot plays.

Then, there are the QSRs as the NFL’s AFC and NFC championship sparked the hunger mungers to act with a visit, perhaps, to a Burger King or Taco Bell. Delivery champion Dominoranks fourth.