Bustos Media Seeks ‘ZoneCasting’ In Seattle


Bustos Media Holdings, the radio station ownership group led by Amador Bustos, has filed applications to deploy ZoneCasting technology for FM radio stations KZTM and KDDS with the intent of offering localized coverage in the Seattle-Tacoma market.

This, according to GeoBroadcast Solutions, marks the 12th largest market in the country to seek “ZoneCasting” capabilities. It also becomes the largest market to deploy geo-targeting technology.

The technology will enable Class C KZTM-FM 102.9 in McKenna, Wash., which uses a broadcast tower to the far west of the metropolitan region; and Class C KDDS-FM 99.3 in Elma, Wash., sharing the same facilities as KZTM, to deliver “more relevant local content and advertisements to two high-growth underserved Hispanic areas” — specifically the Washington cities of Aberdeen and Centralia.

“We fully support the option for stations to voluntarily adopt geo-targeting technology,” said Mr. Bustos. “This will allow us to better serve our diverse Hispanic communities in distant embedded markets within the greater Seattle metro.”

A GBS spokesperson commented late Friday, “With the implementation of ZoneCasting, the Bustos Media stations will achieve a similar level of geo-targeting that has long been available with digital and streaming services, enhancing their competitiveness in the advertising landscape.”


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