‘All My Children’ JR can barely contain his fury


On Monday JR can barely contain his fury when Annie returns home.  Annie’s left rattled by JR’s diatribe against her as he states he’ll never touch her again.  With suitcase in hand, a tearful Marissa arrives on Tad and Krystal’s doorstep.  Tad’s disappointed with JR but offers to support him in any way he can.  A furious David punches JR after learning he cheated on Marissa.  Annie tells Liza she’s ready to accept Adam’s divorce deal and is stunned when she finds out he’s withdrawn his offer.  Ryan and Greenlee reach a new understanding with both agreeing they can be friends.  Greenlee tosses her pregnancy test in the trash but the box lands in her tote bag instead as she and Ryan prepare to head back to Pine Valley.  Madison confesses to Randi that David’s blackmailing her.  Randi warns Madison that David won’t stop going after her or Randi’s family until he gets what he wants.  Madison goes to see David.  

Tuesday – David insists to Erica that his and Greenlee’s marriage is solid but he remains privately worried about her relationship with Ryan.  David’s thrown when he notices Greenlee has a home pregnancy test and later confronts her with it.  Madison starts to lay the groundwork for her seduction of Ryan per David’s orders.  Erica plays dirty when she steals one of Greenlee’s Fusion documents off of Jack’s desk.  Liza arrives to inform Damon that he needs to return to Ohio to help take care of Stuart while Bailey’s out of town.  Colby shocks Liza when she offers to let Stuart come and stay at the mansion with them.  Damon lets go of some of his anger towards Tad after a talk with Colby and stops by the casino to see him.  Colby’s relieved when Liza doesn’t discover her birth control pills.  A guilt-ridden Amanda feels responsible for causing Janet’s stroke but Jake assures her otherwise.  Amanda fears she’s going to end up just like her mother. 
Wednesday – Marissa’s patience wears thin with both Krystal and David when they try to give her advice about how to handle the situation with JR.  JR drops by to see Krystal, who grows concerned about his health.  JR clearly wants Marissa back and wonders if she still loves him.  Marissa surprises JR when she shows up at the mansion.  Liza informs Annie that Adam obtained a court order stating she must vacate the mansion effective immediately.  After arranging for Emma to stay with Ryan for a while, Annie finds herself facing off with a mugger in the park.  As part of her and David’s plan, Madison makes sure Ryan sees her out on a date at the Yacht Club.  Greenlee and David are on totally opposite sides of the fence where the issue of having children is concerned.  After taking the home pregnancy test, Greenlee discovers she’s not pregnant much to her relief. Tad shows Ryan surveillance footage of Madison sneaking into one of the vacant rooms at the casino presumably needing a place to stay.                                                                                             

Thursday – Although consumed with guilt over what she’s doing, Madison leads Ryan to believe the man he saw her with gave her a black eye.  Ryan tells Madison he knows she’s been sneaking into the empty hotel rooms and offers to let her stay in one of them.  Erica’s unrepentant when Jack confronts her over sabotaging Greenlee’s latest business deal.  JR wears his heart on his sleeve when Marissa stops by to visit AJ.  Marissa insists JR keep his doctor’s appointment but decides not to stay with him once they arrive at the office.  Scott angers JR when he offers to let Annie move into the gatehouse.                                                               

Friday – Greenlee warns Erica that she’s not giving up the fight for Fusion.  Jack remains frustrated with Erica but admits to Opal that he does still love her.  Madison comes clean with Ryan, who later confronts David.  Greenlee eavesdrops as Ryan tears into David and learns what he was trying to get away with.  Thinking he’s about to fall off the wagon, Marissa grabs the glass of booze sitting in front of JR and downs it.  JR catches a woozy Marissa before she falls.  Jake’s concerned about Amanda as she’s clearly not over her ordeal with Janet.  With Krystal by her side, Amanda’s horrified to discover that Trevor is burning up with a fever.  
VCR Alerts 
Monday, 5/17  Greenlee lays down the law with David.
   JR pours his heart out to Marissa. 
   Jake tries to ease Amanda’s fears.
Tuesday, 5/18  Liza vows to get even with Tad.
   Greenlee and David are birds of a feather.
   Will Marissa give JR another chance?

Wednesday, 5/19  How far will Colby take things with Damon?
   Tad gets some unexpected news.
   Is Amanda following in her mother’s footsteps?

Thursday, 5/20  Amanda gets an unexpected surprise.  
   Greenlee sets Erica up for a fall.
   Liza has it out with Damon.

Friday, 5/21    Erica makes the wrong choice.
   JR can’t get his mind off Annie.
   Greenlee furthers her plot to win Fusion.