‘One Life To Live’ coming Rex and Gigi are hopeful


Let’s take a look see what has happened and what is coming up on ‘One Life To Live.’

Monday – Rex and Gigi are hopeful they’ll get the answers they’re looking for when Otto tells them he remembers making the necklace but then disappoints them by saying he has no idea who he ended up selling it to.  Back in their motel room, Rex tells Gigi he’s certain Otto knows more than he’s saying.  Alone, Otto goes through the contents of a dusty old lockbox he had hidden away.  Hannah implies to Todd that she’ll recant her statement about seeing him pushing Marty down the stairs if he drops the charges against Cole.  Todd refuses to make any kind of deal with Hannah, threatening to get even with her once he’s in the clear.  Starr laments her situation with Cole to Langston while Cole does the same with Markko.  Layla accuses Cristian of being overly protective of Jessica when Ford flirts with her.                              
Tuesday – Hannah tells Cole about Todd threatening her.  Cole’s angry that Starr would betray his confidence by telling Todd about Hannah’s overdose.  Meanwhile, Starr asks Nora what they can do to get Cole out of jail but Nora tells her there’s nothing to be done.  Starr goes to see Cole only to find Hannah already there.  Cole and Starr both end up feeling bad after they argue.  Blair keeps Tea’s secret when she goes to see Todd.  Blair later insists to Tea that she has to let Todd know what’s going on.  John leads Todd off to jail after he’s released from the hospital.  Tea becomes emotional while helping Danielle pick out a dress for the prom.  Danielle admits to Matthew that she kissed Nate.  A forlorn Marty struggles with the loss of her baby.  Rex and Gigi break into the jewelry store looking for answers and discover the lockbox.                                                  
Wednesday – Cole and Todd clash after being placed in jail cells opposite each other.  Todd tells John about the deal Hannah tried to make with him.  Cole defends Hannah to John.  Todd asserts his innocence, claiming that Marty’s attacker is still on the loose.  Starr faces off with Hannah.  John notices Hannah wearing a jacket with the same kind of fibers he found at the crime scene.  Roxy correctly points out that Natalie’s real reason for wanting to move to London is because she’s running away from John.  Roxy suggests Natalie write John a letter stating how she feels and leave it up to him to decide if he wants to stop her from going.  Natalie writes the letter and plans to drop it off at the station.  Blair ultimately convinces Tea to start treatments the following day after spending some carefree time with Danielle.  Rex and Gigi are confident they’re getting closer to finding out the truth about his parents but Otto catches them before they can get the lockbox open.  Gigi and Rex are arrested and led off to jail as Penny wonders why Otto won’t help them.  Danielle can’t get her mind off Nate.                                            
Thursday – Natalie slips away unnoticed after leaving the letter she wrote for John to find.  John opens the envelope but gets called away before he can read the letter and doesn’t realize it came from Natalie.  Alone in John’s office, Marty reads Natalie’s letter and slips it into her purse.  Jessica accuses Cristian of having been jealous when Ford flirted with her.  Although he denies it, Cristian’s unable to swear he wasn’t jealous.  Clint and Viki feel better about Jessica going to the prom after consulting with Marty.  Ford wants Langston to skip the prom and hook up with him.  Dorian picks up on Langston’s lack of enthusiasm about going to the prom.  Kelly’s surprised to discover Dorian hired Shaun to act as her bodyguard.  Shaun tags along as Kelly and Reed head off to New York City for their date.        
Friday – “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part I. Music fills the air as prom night approaches and rehearsals continue.  Jessica, Destiny, Danielle, Langston, Whitney and Layla all end up at Foxy Roxy’s for their prom night makeovers.  Layla could tear Jessica’s hair out when Jessica insists that Cristian is still in love with her and almost kissed her.  The ladies at the salon are soon in a very musical mood.  Carlotta questions Cristian about his feelings for Jessica.  Starr’s down in the dumps over not being able to go to the prom with Cole.  Starr is hurt by what she hears when she eavesdrops on Hannah and Cole.  Dorian wonders why Blair is suddenly being so nice to Tea.         
VCR Alerts

Monday, 5/17  “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part II
    Will Marty’s guilt get the best of her?
    Will Starr get her prom night wish?

Tuesday, 5/18  “Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical” Part III
Will Markko discover Langston’s duplicity?
   Jessica gets an unpleasant surprise.
   Marty is certain about what the future holds for her and John.

Wednesday, 5/19 Natalie fears she’s made a mistake.
Brody reveals a shocking secret to Jessica.
   Layla shares her wisdom with Starr.

Thursday, 5/20 Natalie is surprised with a kiss.
    Will Jessica fall for Ford’s charms?
   Blair helps Tea hide her condition from Dani.

Friday, 5/21  Jessica has a breakthrough.   
   Rex and Gigi get the break they need.
   John fights for the woman he wants in his life.

(source: ABC)