A ‘SpotOn’ Move From Futuri


The broadcast media tech company founded by Daniel Anstandig that’s carving out a piece of the fast-growing AI-powered software solution space has launched a new product that it says can streamline the commercial creative process.

Introducing SpotOn, the newest offering from Futuri.

According to Cleveland-based Futuri, SpotOn “optimizes AI to instantly generate effective, standout creative to vastly improve operational efficiencies and help close more business.”

In particular, SpotOn uses generative AI to craft “compelling copy” to promote a client’s product or service.

Users can select voiceover talent from a library of human-cloned or synthetic voices, available in multiple languages.

To finish the production, SpotOn offers a fully licensed music library designed to help users match the right tone and tempo to appeal to the audience, Futuri says.

As Futuri sees it, the AI-created spots can run on-air as-is, or serve as a “powerful” first draft for a brand’s production team to fine-tune.

Anstandig commented, “Futuri’s SpotOn is yet another example of how AI can be an incredible assistant for growth. With SpotOn, brands can save countless hours by streamlining the production process and speeding up the sales cycle. Now sales teams can deliver spec spots and commercials to any client, regardless of size, instantly. We believe the best way to get clients to appreciate the power of audio is for them to hear it themselves, and SpotOn makes that possible at scale.”