A New Transcription Product Promises Real-Time Accessibility


It’s a pioneer and key real-time engagement API platform, and as of today it is now offering a Real-Time Transcription product to consumers — an offering Agora believes can provide developers top-notch automated transcription, translation, and subtitling services that can be easily integrated into any app or service.

“Traditional transcription services face challenges that limit their abilities, such as trouble
transcribing voice to text in noisy environments, not understanding heavy accents, and inability to balance real-time conversations between multiple people,” Agora says.

Its product, Agora boasts, “solves these challenges by being more accurate” through Live Transcription, Speaker Labeling, Searchable Transcripts, Transcription Recording, and Channel Based Transcription.

Overseeing the product rollout is Tony Zhao, CEO and co-founder at Agora.

“Any industry that is reaching their audience or customers through audio or video will benefit from implementing our Real-Time Transcription technology,” said Zhao. “This solution is particularly useful in industries such as healthcare, education, media, and entertainment, where the ability to accurately and quickly transcribe, translate, and subtitle content is critical. We’re excited to see the impact our solution will have on improving engagement with audiences everywhere.”