An All-in-One Hybrid Switcher, From Quicklink


Quicklink, a provider of hardware and software solutions for video and audio contributions, has completed its professional contribution workflow with the launch of an all-in-one hybrid switcher: an end-to-end broadcast-grade solution which combines the power of the cloud and the effectiveness of a single hardware unit.

The STS410 (Hybrid Switcher) combines three main elements to allow the user to achieve a full production workflow. A rack-mount server is accompanied by software offering full tool integration.

“Quicklink’s STS410 complimented with the Quicklink Manager creates a complete end-to-
end workflow including tools such as conference and waiting/green rooms for multiple
participants, automatic cloud mix-minus, the ability to stream to multiple concurrent services such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo Live or RTMP, and simultaneously record the discrete individual channels and program output for post-production flexibility,” Quicklink says.

The cloud- based Controller enables control of scene and source selection from any location using any desktop, mobile, tablet device. Quicklink CEO Richard Rees said, “We decided to bring this innovative product to the market as we listen carefully to our customers and many find traditional switchers overly complicated and confusing to use. The STS410 is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, while still upholding the highest quality that we have come to expect from productions.”

Find out more and request a demo by emailing [email protected].