FCC: Protecting The Public Interest, Not The Special Interest

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, along with Commissioners Mike O’Rielly and Mignon Clyburn, on Wednesday testified at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. It would seem that so-called public interest advocates would support such Congressional oversight, as it ensures that regulators do their jobs and is indicative of the checks and balances provided by the Constitution. Sadly, it appears some oppose it. Indeed, advocates criticized Congress for its hearing of then-Chairman Tom Wheeler and FCC commissioners. That the FCC testifies before the Senate is not unreasonable and seems to be the bare minimum of oversight, says AEI visiting fellow Roslyn Layton.

The Day Of The Smart Appliance Is Finally Dawning

Smart appliances have been available for many years without making much impact on the $74 billion worldwide laundry and refrigeration market. But, research from Futuresource Consulting indicates that this may be about to change. That's big news for radio industry sales execs.

Are Digital Dollars Set To Surpass TV Later Than Expected?

Given the recent track record of wonks, soothsayers, curanderas and individuals who hold Nostradamus in high regard, forecasts may not be as accurate as one would think when it comes to digital dollars sailing past that of TV in 2017. It's an interesting surprise, and SMI's CEO has some fresh ad trend info that may put your C-Suite in a pleasant mood.
Erwin Krasnow

The Schizophrenic Politics of the First Amendment

Does the First Amendment care who won the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016? Erwin G. Krasnow, the co-chair of the Communications Group of Washington, D.C. law firm Garvey Schubert Barer, tackles this question in a column that delves into fairness, and the First Amendment, and where broadcasters are under a Trump presidency.
Cable / Satellite

Where The Eyeballs Are

Are the "Top Attentive Shows" a new metric that advertisers -- and broadcast TV execs -- should take seriously?

Quality, Size Matter For ‘Next-Gen TV’ Buyers

Television has the opportunity to win back its once-central role in the home by getting smarter
Erwin Krasnow

The Road Map For Potential Foreign Investors

This column from two noted D.C. attorneys provides a road map for taking advantage of the current regulatory climate

Here’s A Horrible Contest For You To Ignore

'Radio on its worst day couldn't come up with the abomination that one of the nation's biggest supermarket chains dreamed up'

Strategic Planning: Critical To Sales Success

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” So, set a date today for your spring 2017 sales strategy meetin

YouTube Gears Up For MRC Audit

In an Agency Blog, the digital ad dollar dominator explained that the audit was all a part of "building trust and increasing transparency"

Is Snapchat Your Next Content Creator?

Snap is doing something very intriguing with a major pay-TV network. Here's why it could be of high interest to you.

How Not To Harm Your Company’s Privates

Why use an NDA? “A dean of the Washington communications bar” and a media financial consultant explain the benefits
Fred Jacobs

Can Command Technology Help Radio In The Home?

Beyond the car, radio faces a problem. It's one that Jacobs Media president and founder Fred Jacobs continues to see

Is Your Station App All That?

A newly released study finds that retaining App users over time continues to be a major challenge for App marketers

Reforming The FCC: From Engineering To Ecosystems

In this writer's view, the economics and engineering bureaus would concentrate on analysis.

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