Gordon Smith

Post-NAB Interview: Gordon Smith

Certainly we’re all very proud of the job NAB CEO Gordon Smith is doing for broadcasters with all of the

Interview: DJ A-OH, PD of 103.5 The Beat

The flip from CCME’s WSHE Adult Hits “Variety 103.5” Miami was made 10/11/13 to “The Beat—Miami’s
Jack Hobbs

Six Questions with Jack Hobbs

Jack Hobbs is one of the key executives making it happen for Spanish Broadcasting Systems, a company which just reported a nice surge in Q3 revenue. He discusses what SBS has in the works, the particular challenges it faces as an Hispanic group and the challenges it shares with all broadcasters.
Gregg Skall

Seven Questions with Gregg Skall

Veteran Washington communications attorney Gregg Skall has seen it all, and his wealth of experience positions him well to project current events into the future. Click through for his thoughts on station trading, retransmission consent, performance royalties and more, including his take on where we are today on these issues, and where we’ll be tomorrow.
Paul Rotella

Seven Questions with Paul Rotella

Paul Rotella is the President/CEO of the New Jersey Broadcasters Association, and he has a lot to say about the unique challenges facing broadcasters in the Garden State, and the challenges facing broadcasters in general. IN the course of discussing his own organization’s members he makes the case for broadcasting everywhere. Check it out.
John Brooks

Seven Questions with John Brooks

Many people have noted a minor renaissance in station trading, but according to broadcast financial expert John Brooks it still is not a great market and financing is still extremely hard to come by. As to the general health of the radio business, it could be better but some might be surprised it’s still even around. Strap in and click through for a financial reality check.
Glenn Serafin

Seven Questions with Glenn Serafin

Veteran media broker Glenn Serafin has a lot to say about the current state of station trading and as well as analysis of where it is headed in the near future. But he has more than that to share – general financial and operational advice based on years in the biz, as well as a cordial invitation to entrepreneurs who would love to break into broadcast ownership. Check it out.

Six Questions with: Billy McEntee

I got started in the media business 25 years ago with a firm that provided financial services to several broadcast groups and learned so much about what it takes to run a successful business.
Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner: “Life, Love, Laughter”

Sun Broadcast Group launched the entertainment and lifestyle oriented “The Marilu Henner Show,” hosted by Marilu Henner
Carl Salas

Six Questions with Carl Salas

Moody’s Corporation analyst Carl Salas has been calling balls and strikes for publicly-traded companies for some time now, and in this fascinating interview, he discusses in some depth the criteria he uses when determining whether deem an outlook positive, stable or negative. If you want know what Moody’s is looking for in order to better provide it, this interview is both newsworthy and a must-read.
Alex Berkett

Seven Questions with Alex Berkett

Townsquare Media Group has been one of the hottest topics in the radio business, especially after its landmark deal with Cumulus. The group’s Alex Berkett is in charge of M&A activity, among other things, and he tells us about the company’s plans for further acquisitions, its focus on local and its strategy of wedding radio, digital and live events. And if you’re looking for a job…
John McConnell

Six Questions with John McConnell

In between juggling multiple executive responsibilities, broadcast veteran John McConnell took time to share his thoughts on the current state of radio programming in America. Click through for ideas on mixing national, local and digital content, along with his nominations for the hottest current formats.

Six Questions with Gavin McGarry

How can traditional media monetize social media? Like Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook, media CEOs need to invest in building their social media audiences then monetizing them. I meet many CEOs who want to monetize while they build the audience. The best strategy is to get really good at engaging with your current audience across social media platforms, learn their patterns, then look for ways to monetize that audience in new ways.
Don Cheto

At one with his audience: An interview with Don Cheto

Don Cheto (Juan Carlos Razo) is the host of Liberman Broadcasting's “El Show de Don Cheto,” a humor- and music-driven morning drive Spanish language variety show heard on 19 affiliates. With Piolin leaving Univision for SiriusXM recently, his previous affiliates are looking for a perfect replacement and finding it in Don Cheto. RBR-TVBR spoke to Don Cheto and Winter Horton, Liberman Broadcasting COO, to hear what makes the show such a hit in its markets:

Steven Kritzman, SVP/ Advertising, Pandora

With numerous new entities entering this space—including Google’s All Access Music, Apple’s iTunes Radio and MySpace’s My Radio—Pandora’s turf continues to be invaded. We spoke with Kritzman about the impact of that, as well as royalty structure deals; what makes Pandora unique; their sales structure, revenue models, apps, mobile ad sales, and more:

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