WQAM's Sid Rosenberg allegedly owes $44,500 in sports gambling


An employee of a Costa Rica-based website has been in South Florida for two months to try to talk Beasley Broadcasting’s Sports Talk WQAM-560 AM afternoon host Sid Rosenberg into making good on an alleged $44,500 in gambling debts. Frank Soviero, who says he works for www.1betvegas.com, tells the Miami Herald that Rosenberg lost on dozens of NFL, MLB, WNBA, NHL and college football games in just two weeks.

Soviero said he called WQAM GM Joe Bell to complain, Both Rosenberg, his producer and Bell declined comment.

“We can’t sue Sid since what we do is illegal in the United States,” Soviero said recently at Gulfstream Park. “I’ve tried everything. He comes up with 100 bucks here and there, and he gives me a big hug. It ticks me off because I talked my boss into giving Sid a few chances. And I’ve seen [my boss] do things when he gets mad.”

Soviero’s story comes as Rosenberg is back behind his microphone after a six-week suspension connected to his alleged gambling with another website. Soviero said he first met Rosenberg one Sunday in October. Because he was recommended by another 1betvegas.com user, Soviero said the website extended Rosenberg a $25,000 credit.

“He put $6,000 on the 4 p.m. NFL games that day. … He was betting on 10 to 15 games a day. He put $1,000 on the first-half score of a Tampa Bay game. Nobody does that.”

Soviero said he put Rosenberg on a payment plan. Rosenberg gave him $900 last month but he said Rosenberg, with tears in his eyes, told him it was money he had saved to take his children to Disney World: “I mean Sid no harm, but if he had won $20,000, he’d have expected, and received, the money on the spot.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We wonder why the FBI or local police in Florida aren’t arresting Soviero for trying to collect a bet that is illegal in the US.