WJJG-AM adds Savage in Chicago, too


For the second time this month, WJJG-AM Chicago is adding TRN Talkers in Chicago by luring Michael Savage to its lineup, beginning 10/3. The Joseph J. Gentile station also signed Mancow to host both Morning and Afternoon Drive.  Now WJJG will air the “Michael Savage Show” weekdays from 10 am to Noon.  This puts Savage (#3, according to Talkers Magazine) head-to-head in Chicago against El Rushbo (#1).

“It’s interesting that Dr. Savage has been pigeon-holed as a political talk show host.  Michael is an artist.  He’s a best selling author, and a storyteller who’s as likely to discuss making rigatoni as he is the events of the day,” says WJJG GM  Matt Dubiel.  “We paint our radio shows and formats into a corner and then wonder why we struggle.  Chicago listeners enjoy Michael Savage so we’re giving them Michael Savage.” 

Savage is currently on Salem Communications’ WIND-AM in that market.

Dubiel calls the weekday programming the “Savage Sammich”: “Mancow is the bread, Savage is the corned beef….I’m working on getting WJJG some mustard and mayo.”

As it stands, the lineup for WJJG is Mancow Muller Mornings 7 am-10 am, Michael Savage Middays from 10 to Noon, and Mancow Muller Afternoons from 1 pm to 4 pm.  This leaves an opening from Noon to 1pm weekdays for WJJG’s “mustard or mayo”.