Big 2018 Predicted For Spot TV Political Dollars


Second in a two-part series

By Adam R Jacobson

With the 2016 presidential campaign’s conclusion just two weeks ago, there’s already chatter about what will happen in the coming years in regard to political dollars in the media.

Steve Lanzano, President/CEO of the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB), looks back at the down-ballot activity seen this year, and can only wonder what the next four years will bring when it comes to candidates and total dollars.

He’s certain about one thing, however.

“Broadcast TV will play a big role in 2018,” he says.

Was Donald Trump Super-Savvy With His Ad Dollars?  Hillary Clinton was the clear winner when it came to the total spending on political advertising at both spot radio and spot television during the 2016 presidential campaign. Yet, Donald Trump was elected president. Does this mean that political advertising is no longer effective in an age of social media, and in an environment where mail boxes continue to get littered with campaign advertising? Not at all, Lanzano says in part one of our interview with the TVB President/CEO. Read the article!

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