TuneIn details political radio listening in swing states


TuneInTuneIn has gathered listening data of political radio programming in October. The results span 4.1 million listening hours specifically within swing states, including the degree to which they are listening to conservative over liberal programming, or vice versa.

Political campaigns are seen to deliver tougher, more targeted messages through radio given the strong local element. What’s more, radio reaches 93% of all Americans every week and this audience does not have the option to forward through ads, unlike TV, and are therefore a more captive audience.

Toward the end of August, Obama released a series of tailored radio ads for eight key states, targeting Paul Ryan, including specific ads relevant for Virginia, Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

Last week, Mitt Romney released a trio of new swing-state radio ads knocking President Obama over his “bayonets and horses” quip during the final presidential debate.