Tap Now Fully Operative, Thanks To Triton Pact


Audio publishers are always looking for ways to further optimize and streamline the order management process.

Look no further than what Triton Digital just did for its Tap Advertising Server platform.

The ad server is now fully integrated with the Operative.One Ad Management Platform from Operative.

Through this partnership, publishers that use the Tap ad server can now manage their advertising orders more efficiently and with enhanced omni-channel scalability.

The Operative integration enables publisher trafficking teams to enter buys for multiple advertising mediums including digital audio, broadcast radio, and websites into one system and at the same time to streamline the ad management process and eliminate duplicative effort. Publishers can then add their audio-specific parameters, such as creative and targeting criteria, into the platform.

“We are thrilled to be working with Triton Digital to expand the utilization of our software using our open framework approach to help audio publishers around the world optimize and simplify the management of their multi-channel inventory,” Operative CEO Lorne Brown said. “The pioneering leader in digital audio technology, Triton Digital shares our passion for innovation, collaboration, and for enabling clients to transact audio inventory with ease.”

Triton Digital President of Market Development John Russo said, “We remain committed to the continuous advancement of our technology, and to providing the digital audio industry at large with solutions that make transacting advertising more efficient. We are pleased to partner with Operative, the leading ad management platform, to further streamline the management of ad buys within our Tap ad server.”