Townsquare Taps Stabbert For Top Engineering Role


In March, he stepped into the interim head of engineering role for Townsquare Media. Now, he’s been rewarded with a promotion to the role of SVP/Engineering at the local digital and radio broadcasting company led by CEO Bill Wilson.

The job is going to Martin Stabbert, who will work in tandem with SVP/Technology Joe Ainsworth in overseeing the company’s engineering team.

An internal announcement came late Monday (8/24) from Erik Hellum, the Local Media COO for Townsquare.

“Martin has quickly proven why he is deserving of this promotion,” Hellum said. “Not only does he bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to this role, he has demonstrated a strong ability to lead, communicate effectively, focus on key priorities, and attack key projects with a sense of urgency.  Part of the culture of Townsquare is the importance of internal customer service – if we take care and help out each other, each of us can be that much more effective and productive in our respective positions.  Martin exemplifies this, and has quickly made an impact as a result.”

Working in conjunction with Ainsworth, Stabbert has what Hellum calls “a clear vision for moving our engineering team forward, including structure, communication, training and allocation of resources, with a focus on taking our already great engineering team and making them even better by providing them with the support, training and resources that they need.”

Stabbert will be sharing this plan in upcoming Sales Leadership and Engineering calls.

In comments to RBR+TVBR‘s Weekly Tech Roundup, Hellum said of Stabbert, “I can tell you that we promoted one of the good guys, and it was very well deserved. It is great to promote from within, and I have never seen so many positive e-mails from engineers in one day, as many members of our engineering team quickly congratulated Martin and noted how much they supported this move.’