Tom Leykis offers a tour, Ebay-style


Tom LeykisThe podcaster is offering a fun-filled afternoon to the highest bidder on Ebay. The winner will have Leykis pick them up for a personal drive in his Tesla Model S Signature, for a tour of up to three hours or to the New Normal Studios in Burbank, CA to watch a live Tom Leykis Show.

Listeners have asking, well actually begging Tom for a ride in his brand new Telsa ever since he purchased the car.  “Tom’s listeners were always asking how they can spend some quality time with him, so Tom decided to make his listeners to put their money where their mouth is and hold an Ebay auction,” said a press release.

Here’s the link:

The auction which ends 11/15 started with an opening bid of $9.99 and to date, there already over 71 bids with the highest bid being $4,400.00.

From the Ebay auction page:

The rules are simple:

–No drugs, alcohol or other contraband in the car. We reserve the right to check.

–No weapons in the car. We reserve the right to check.

–No more than two passengers total (besides Tom). In other words you and up to one guest.

–We must know in advance specifics about who the passengers are and we reserve the right to reject your guest for any reason.

–Final decision on itinerary reserved exclusively by The New Normal LLC.

–The car is shown for illustration purposes. You don’t get to keep the car.

–Trip must be taken by February 28, 2014.

–Trip has no cash value.

–No refunds. No substitutions.

Why are we doing this? To benefit The Tom Leykis Show and The New Normal LLC so we can keep going into 2014. And to prove that we’ll do whatever it takes to keep going.